Plumeria or Frangipany Tropical flowers. Botanical watercolor illustrations.

Tropical bright and delicate watercolor flowers and plumeria wreaths.Plumeria presentation image

Plumeria, commonly known as frangipani, is one of the sweetest and most pleasant flowers.

It has many meanings and symbolism associated with it.

Meaning of the Plumeria flower are:

  • New beginning
  • New life or birth
  • Charm
  • Gracefulness
  • Beauty

Plumeria presentation image5

This gorgeous flower was always a symbol of a new start and new beginning. This was the go-to flower in wedding ceremonies and baptisms, because it represented a beginning of a new chapter in life and forgetting about the past. Even today, people use it quite often as a decoration in wedding ceremonies, where this beautiful flower offers more than just its subtle beauty but also its strong symbolic value.

Plumeria presentation image4

The flower of Plumeria includes a wide range of meanings such as charm, grace, beauty, spring, new life or birth, a new beginning or creativity. Plumeria is a symbol of eternal life and is often used in religious rituals. In the Hindu culture Plumeria, signifies devotion and dedication, and in Buddhism it symbolizes immortality.*

Plumeria presentation image3

Do you love these flowers?

In this colletion with tropical mood you will find :

19 PNG and 19 JPG with wonderful, bright plumeria watercolor flowers

2 PNG ( transparent background)and 2 JPG with nice plumeria wreaths.

Each flower in separate file.

However Png files – are perfect for new creations, scarpnooking collage  e.c.t. with transparent background and easy to use.

You can find it in

LABFcreations Etsy shop

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Plumeria presentation image2

Happy creations.


*Flower Meanings.

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